Versatile, customizable for manufacturers, retailers, auditors, and more. Enables global operations with multi-currency & calendar support (Islamic & Gregorian). Streamlined efficiency for diverse users.

Enterprise Resource Planning

Welcome to ERP solution by IGAP LLC, your trusted partner in financial success. IGAP is a leading Digital Agency in Dubai, specialized in FinTech solutions dedicated to guiding individuals and businesses towards their goals. With our expert solutions, personalized solutions, and unwavering commitment to excellence, we navigate the complex financial landscape, empowering you to thrive and prosper. ERP is accredited and being used by Baker Tilly International (Pakistan Chapter). Baker Tilly has been declared the world’s best auditing firm for 2022-23.

ERP can be fully customized as per the needs of the end user, varying from manufacturers, retailers, regulated retailers, multi-chain & multi franchise outlets and service providers, auditors, bookkeepers, tax managers, etc. A multi-currency and multi calendar (Islamic as well as Gregorian) based platform offers global operations.

Special focus has been given to its security, where each link and view can be controlled for authorization, for direct as well as indirect access.

The large number of reports and analysis makes ERP a favorite choice for decision makers as well as managers.

ERP is based on MVC model PHP coupled with InnoDB based on MySQL with up-to-date version compliance. It does not require any third-party licenses at all. It is a modular tool for clean and smooth deployment, migration, and operations.

System Features


ERP offers rapid graphical analysis for top management, presenting data with flexible graphs like horizontal/vertical bars, dot lines, pies, and donuts to aid decision-making.


The General Ledger and Financial Management System in ERP is a reliable and standardized module, featuring flexible charts of accounts aligned with international standards from various countries.


The Order Management System enables customizable sales entity definitions and specialized procedures for Deposits, Allocations, and Accounts Receivable, facilitating direct sales without intermediaries.


The Procurement Management System facilitates the definition of purchase-related entities like payment terms and recommended accounting procedures such as Allocations and Accounts Payable. It also allows direct purchases without intermediaries.


ERP's Inventory Management System offers stock and service recording, item categorization, re-order levels, cost calculations, unit measurement, and barcode scanner support with foreign codes registration


The Fixed Asset Management System in ERP enables defining fixed asset entities like assets, categories, and depreciation rates. It supports purchase, annual/monthly depreciation, sale, and disposal with detailed record-keeping for each asset.


ERP's Manufacturing Management System defines manufacturing entities, supports SKD assembly, CKD manufacturing, bills of materials, work center inquiries, work order entries, advanced production, simple assembling, and direct manufacturing.


ERP's Planning Management System defines planning entities. Planning can be done directly or distributed across 5 steps: Cost Sheet, Process Planning, Procurement Planning, Procurement Demand, and Approvals.


The Quality Assurance Management System in ERP allows defining quality-related entities, including fault codes. Quality audits can be conducted at each process with the provision of special approvals.


The Human Resource Management System provides employee definitions, attendance, automated and manual payroll management, leave approval, departments, positions, and pay element definitions for comprehensive employee management.


The Dimension Management System supports two-level dimensions and tags for easy tagging of items and transactions. Dimensions can be linked with periods for accurate accounting purposes.


The Quality Assurance Management System in ERP allows defining quality-related entities, including fault codes. Quality audits can be conducted at each process with the provision of special approvals.


The Task Management System is a user-friendly kanban board for efficient task management, assisting users in maintaining their jobs professionally and punctually.


The Reports Management System offers detailed analysis, flexibility with document attachments, printing, email, and PDF options. Users can export reports in Excel format, generate periodic reports, and save tagged selections.


The Configuration Management System offers parameter definitions for company profiles, user accounts, multiuser access, voiding transactions, multi-company support, separate fiscal years, backups, audit trails, and default parameters.

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